The Daughter of Jackie Chan: Etta Ng Chok Lam’s Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, and Personal Life

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If you have watched the famous movie “The Karate Kid,” then you must remember the actor in the movie, Jackie Chan. Etta Ng Chok Lam is the daughter of the great super actor Jackie Chan, but she lived a life without her father and never met him. There are some personal and family issues that let her live a life alone without her parents. 

Etta’s Age, Weight, Height, Hair, and Eyes 

Etta is a cute girl who used to wear spectacles, and she has a height of 167 cm and a weight of 58 kg. At present, she is 22 years old; however, she will turn 23 on November 19, 1999. Her fair skin tone makes her look more beautiful. She has blonde hair and dark brown eyes.

Etta’s Early Life, Education, and Controversies  

On November 19th, 1999, Etta was born as the little princess in the family of Jackie Chan and Elaine Ng Lei. The media used to call her “Little Dragon Girl,” and she is an American-Chinese citizen. She has been living with her mother since her childhood, was raised by her mother alone, and never met her father. There were some family issues that devastated the child’s childhood and made her deprived of a father’s love. 

However, Elaine states that Jackie was a really bad father as he never came to see her daughter and never cared about them. It is not known where Etta got her primary and secondary education as she never talked about it. However, due to her controversies and courtship with her mother, she left her college education in the middle.  

Etta’s Career: What Does She Do for a Living?  

Etta is an educated girl, but there is no information about her career, such as in which field she wants to work or in which field she wants to have a career. At present, she does not have any kind of employment and is homeless. There was a video of herself on YouTube which became viral in 2018, in which she stated that she loves a girl and is going to propose to her. She further added that she is homeless and has spent many nights sleeping below the bridge. She also admits that self-respect is everything and she is able to live the life she wants, so she refuses to ask for monetary assistance from her father.   

Etta’s Girlfriend: Is Etta Bisexual? 

Etta is basically a bisexual girl, and she is engaged to her friend named Andi Autumn. The couple looked at many photographs together and admitted that they were both happy together. The couple is currently residing in Hong Kong.

Etta’s Social Media 

There is no sign of Etta on any kind of social media like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Maybe she didn’t want to make her personal life private and that’s why she didn’t use social media. 

Etta’s Net Worth 

Etta does not engage in any kind of employment but still belongs to a rich family and has a net worth of $1.2 million. 

FAQs About Etta

Is Etta the daughter of the famous actor Jackie Chan?

Yes, Etta is the daughter of Jackie Chan from an extra-marital affair. 

What is the estimated net worth of Etta’s father as a great actor?

Etta’s father has an estimated net worth of $520 million.

What is the profession of Etta’s spouse, Andi?

Andi looks like a Barbie doll and, by profession, is a model and an Instagram star.

In which occupation is Etta’s spouse, Andi engaged?

Etta’s spouse, Andi, has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

When did Etta and Andi get married?

The couple was married in 2018.


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