Explore Key West Florida’s Top Attractions & Tourist Spots

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Are you seeking a few of the world’s top vacation spots?

If that’s the case, Key West, an island community in the Florida Keys, is a must-see. It is known for its beautiful marine life. A family vacation from Miami is the greatest way to see Key West. Driving across the long bridges that connect the different Florida Keys is a must-do experience. Many retirees choose Key West as their residence because of the pleasant climate, fun Key West activity, and consistent sunshine.

In Key West, there are a lot of beautiful things to do. Explore below!!

1. Sun view at Mallory Square, Key West

This is one of the best places to enjoy the game of light and darkness. It is true that every single evening at Mallory Square, there is one agony of a sunset. To say nothing of the fact that it appears that everything that Key West is famed for combines together in this particular place in the heart of town. There are restaurants, shops, museums, street performances, and sometimes even cruise and yachting activities – this square is, of course, a hub of activity in Key West.


  • Mallory Square

2. Water rides at Smathers Beach, Key West

Different forms of water rides are a lot more fun in Key West. Smathers Beach is arguably Key West’s most popular beach. Smathers Beach, a unique sand beach in the Keys, is an excellent area to swim in Key West. There are lots of facilities at the beach, featuring food and drink stands, and venues to rent deck chairs, kayaks, and rafts, much as at the other beaches in the region. Whereas the beach is free, the neighborhood does not have any free parking. The beach provides us with a sense of calm.


  • Smathers Beach

3. The Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory

This is the perfect place to get rid of the hustle and bustle of Duval Street and bring energy back. Among the historical places and a beautiful flower garden and a suitable place to find different kinds of butterflies and the Famous Fleming Couple of Rhett and Scarlett. Our brains are brimming with delight.

“The Butterfly & Nature Conservatory is a well-known attraction in Key West”


  • Fabulous attraction Butterfly & Nature Conservatory
  • The Famous Fleming Couple of Rhett and Scarlett

4. Attractive Truman’s Little Winter White House, Key West

It is one of the many types of stunning places. However the tours are strongly recommended, you can simply visit the little gallery on the ground level if you are not enthusiastic or do not have enough time. This place will keep it in the corner of the mind.


  • Attractive Truman’s little winter white house
  • Spanish-American war command
  • Extra Charming museum
  • Small-sized Gallery

5. Shopaholic & foodie Party on Duval Street, Key West

The Duval Street Festival is a great place for any kind of shopping. Key West, like any other respectable city, has its own famous street, Duval Street, which is lined with various art galleries, awesome ambiance outdoor cafes, welcoming bars, and a huge number of curious visitors. It is, however, a must-see for people who wish to have a good time while learning everything there is to know about the city. Who doesn’t like shopping and eating!


  • Bright Art galleries
  • Duval Street Festival

6. Hire A Key West Ghost Tour Key West

This is most effective if you ever want to experience something unique. The legends of haunting and spirits are nearly infinite in Key West, which is rich in history, pirates, and maritime tradition. The tour is both interactive and fully narrated. Robert the Doll is a character created by the author, the Slave Cemetery in Africa, several places in the city. The Ghost Tour gives us the opportunity to have an adventure all the time.


  • The Slave Cemetery in Africa
  • Awesome Excursion of Ghosts and Gravestones

7. Take a Selfie place at the Southernmost Point, Key West

Don’t miss a photo of the bright and colorful buoy that represents the southernmost point. The buoy is among the most photographed spots on the island, and it is one of the most famous Key West activities. Another must and, of course, a must-photograph occasion. This is a perfect place for girls.


  • America’s Southernmost point
  • Photographed place

8. Famous West Martello Tower Fort, Key West

If you are admiring old things, you should definitely look at the West Martello Tower Fort. In Key West, this West Martello Tower Fort is among three Civil War-era structures. The Key West Gardening Club has transformed it into a lovely sanctuary that weaves and merges wonderfully with both the brick fort. Historic places always attract us.


  • The Key West Garden Club
  • West Martello Tower Fort
  • Brick fort
  • Higgs Beach

9. Discover the Cats at the Hemingway House, Key West

If you are open to the practice of literature, you have to go once. Hemingway House and Museum is a beautiful place, a specialty for those interested in literature. Ernest Hemingway was not born in Key West, he lived here. However, he became one of the most beloved residents of the beach. You will see cats with their Famous Six Fingers wandering around the house. Some places in life should be kept in the corner of the mind.


  • The Hemingway House
  • 6 toed cats

10. Fantastic Tiny Island Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West

The park gives us a taste of liberation. A red-brick structure that served as a jail during the Civil War, is also located within the national park. The multicolored coral reef in the Keys is the least disturbed nature reef in the entire archipelago. Aside from marine life, the islands are home to a variety of unusual birds. Only eight of the nearly 300 species of birds found in that type of National Park are routinely observed by tourists. The beautiful environment of nature gives us joy.


  • Dry Tortugas National Park
  • Fort Jefferson house
  • The colorful coral reef
  • Marine life
  • 300 species of birds

Transportation of Key West

Taxis: In Key West, taxi services support the entire island. Cars with air conditioning are also available. Hire a cab with such a bike rack if you really need to move your bicycle. It can be difficult to locate one on the road; The app stores also provide a variety of apps. Taxis are constantly waiting for travelers to arrive at the airport.

Electric Cars: The tiny electric car, which was once a curiosity, is now a typical means for families to get around Key West. They are, although, subject to all the same road limitations as cars, and parking is just as difficult. Electric vehicles come in a wide range of sizes and styles, with just some versions capable of transporting up to six people.

Buses: In Key West, bus service is provided to take you around the neighborhood or into the Islands. The Duval Loop buses run every 30 minutes from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m., therefore every 15 minutes from 10 a.m. to nighttime.


Are you unsure where to begin your Key West excursion? Keep a close eye on Duval Street. The Boulevard, which runs through the heart of Key West’s Historic District, is the island’s most famous. Many of Key West’s greatest attractions are located on or around Duval Street. Without a stop at Key West, no vacation to South Florida is complete. Travelers flock to Key West because of its Caribbean-inspired island ambiance and wild nightlife.


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