Druva Raised $147 Million at a Valuation of $2 Billion To Boost Cloud Data Service

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Druva, a data security and management provider company, raised $147 million at a value of $2 billion.

This brings its total raised to $475 million. Druva is a huge success for the company and the people working there. 

Druva is one of the most famous companies which is known for its cloud data protection and backup services. It is popular because of its famous Saas products, which are reliable, secure, and protected. This data management firm, Druva, a great example of hard work and success, was created on Amazon Web Services, and, at present.

The company Druva was formed in 2008 and it provides two main services to its customers, namely: backup and recovery. Dhruva works hard to provide services to customers, build customer support and trust, and establish itself in the competitive market.

It was really hard for the company to compete with great competitors such as NASA, Tesla, and PwC. But the company did great to establish its name, and from its establishment to the current year, it has raised $200 million, with additional capital of $130 million in the bank. 

Druva is also known as DruvaSaas, which is a combination of two words: Druva and Saas, where “Saas” stands for “software as a service.” It provides software-based services that are paid, which means that to access these services, a customer has to pay a definite amount either monthly or yearly. 

In this modern world, managing storage and backups is one of the most difficult tasks because data is in excess, and storage available is limited. Moreover, everything in this technical world is based on software and its functioning. These two things make software-based companies like druva more valuable as they provide us with valuable and required services.


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