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This user has violated the rules of Twitter policy and the account is suspended for now. But why? Who is smurrleud?

Recently, the news is out about the user named smurrlewd saying that he has violated the Twitter rules and policy guidelines that can affect Twitter users. Although not proven, sources say, he uploaded some content that was not for the benefit of other users. Then again, the content is not available right now as the accounts show suspended. We are unable to gather more information about the content.

However, we have some interesting news about the user ‘Smurrlewd’.

Here, we discuss the details.

Based on the findings, we have foolproof information about the user. He himself declares his name as ‘crow’ on his Instagram account. See the attachment below to have more details about him.

The user name is Crowadmin. He is the same person who tweeted some illegal content on his Twitter account. He has uploaded his Twitter account’s link on his Instagram account. According to his Instagram profile, he is an illustrator or just uploads those kinds of photos and videos to his account. We can’t say exactly whether it is his own work or not. 
Afterward, we also checked his followers or following category. He only follows just one account which is ‘brawl stars’.

Brawl star is a famous YouTuber and has millions of followers on Instagram. So it’s possible that smurrlewd is a fan of brawl stars.

To know more about twitters rules and regulations about violation of content. Visit the link mentioned below.

Below are the links to the social media account of Smurrlewd(Crow). Click the link below to visit his account.

Hence, we have this much information till now, once we have more details about the news, we will surely update it without any further delay.


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